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Public Domain Rabbits

Rabbits, with their innate charm and symbolism, have long been cherished subjects in the diverse tapestry of art. From ancient depictions in Egyptian murals symbolizing fertility and rebirth to playful renderings in the whimsical illustrations of Beatrix Potter, these small mammals have left an indelible paw print on artistic expression. Artists throughout history have skillfully woven rabbits into the fabric of folklore and fairy tales, bringing to life characters like the mischievous White Rabbit in Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland." In surrealism, Salvador Dalí's iconic paintings, such as "The Elephants," feature elongated, fantastical rabbits, adding a touch of the mysterious to the art world. In contemporary times, rabbits continue to inspire artists across various mediums, offering a timeless and versatile muse that transcends cultural and artistic boundaries. Whether capturing their playful essence or exploring deeper symbolic meanings, rabbits persist as enduring figures in the rich palette of human creativity.

These rabbits are Japanese and very fluggy.

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