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The White Rabbit Cannery is a location in Venice where people with a creative vision, come to get things done.


Our mission is to help anyone to create anything they can possibly imagine.

Venice is a unique place of beauty & inspiration, a cityscape with a fluid ambience which nurtures the human condition, but just as unique in this floating city, is the challenging logistic necessary for the realization of a project.


White Rabbit Cannery not only provides workspaces and event spaces, but is a competent partner for realizing projects, location and transportation of materials, finding reliable service partners, and a key to gaining access to the many hidden treasures of this mystical city.


The White Rabbit Cannery is a co-working space offering short and long-term office, workspaces, and studio rental, as well as a flexible production and event location, including an artisan bakery, a catering kitchen an in-house food manufacture.


The White Rabbit Cannery offers its services in Venice for productions large and small, providing solutions and space for film, video, photography, sound & music projects. In addition we are hosting studio artists working with textiles, paint, sculpture and other traditional methods


This eclectic factory environment functions as a social & logistic hub for working artists, musicians, artisan and craftsmen, designed to enable and encourage production and the exchange of ideas and services in the historical center of Venice.

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